Western Health Region

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Maternal and Child Health

The five (5) Health Centers through the Maternal and Child Health Program provide immunization services, prenatal care, postnatal care, growth monitoring (children under 5), general health education and mobile clinics. Other services provided are Tuberculosis prevention and control of STI’s and HIV transmission (from mother to child transmission).

  • The Belmopan Health Center and the San Ignacio Health Center are managed by a Public Health Nurse and the Rural Health Centers by Rural Health Nurse. In addition, in Valley of Peace, Health care is also provided by a Medical Officer. Serving a population of 17,151 persons and has a catchment of seventeen (17) communities, the target population for immunization for children 0-1year old for the year 2003 was 600 children, and for 2004 is 645 children
  • The Valley of Peace Health Center serves a population of 2,500 persons and the immunization target for children 0-1 year in 2003 was 75. The new target for the year 2004 is 54.
  • The San Ignacio Health Center serves a population of 22,114 and a catchment of twenty two (22) communities the target population for immunization (2003) for children 0-1year old was 684. The new target for 2004 is 688.
  • The Mopan Health Center in Benque Viejo Town serves a population of 7,820 and a catchment of six (6) communities the target population for 2003, for immunization for children 0-1year was 225 children.The new target for 2004 is 229.
  • The George Ville Health Center serves a population of 4,241 persons and a catchment of eight (8) communities the immunization target (2003) for children 0-1year was 132 children. The new target for 2004 is 114.


Health Posts:

The five health posts provide general health education, treatment for diarrhea, minor ailments and referrals to health centers or Hospitals. The Health Posts provide the primary link, with the community. Community Nurses Aides and in some cases the Primary Medical Care Givers provide services to the community.

Four Health Posts are served by Medical Care Providers (Cubans) and they are: Bullet Tree / Santa Familia, Santa Martha, San Antonio and Succotz.

Health Promotion


Health promotion aims to contribute to the improvement of the health of individuals and communities. It is a strategy within Primary Health Care that fosters community involvement/partnership, group behavioral change and promotes healthy lifestyle.

The services include: Health Education to Primary and secondary School and Communities. Monthly training with CNA’s, and coordinating International Health Day Activities.

The Priority areas of focus are HIV/AIDS, Road Safety, Cancer, Diabetes, Hypertension, Domestic Violence, Inter-ministerial/Inter-agency coordination.

Environmental Health/Vector Control


This program contributes to the development and maintenance of a clean, safe and healthy environment so as to reduce the prevalence of disease associated with poor environmental conditions.

The priority areas are: Vector Control, Food Safety, Water Quality, Solid Waste Management, Sewage and Liquid Waste Management, Rabies Control, Communicable Disease, Acute Pesticides Intoxication, Premises Inspection, Public Health Complaints.

Mental Health


Mental Health aims to achieve the best Mental Health Status for all by providing services to prevent and/or to reduce the incidence of Mental Illness. The acute unit serves the needs of persons with acute mental disorder, enhance their quality of life and create a network that guarantee the delivery of care within the community.

The priority areas are: Promotion of Mental Health, Prevention of Mental Disorder and treatment of individuals.



Dental Health Program aims to create greater awareness in Primary School children regarding good dental health and hygiene and to reduce Dental disease.

The priority areas include: Preserving and monitoring all first permanent molars, increasing the oral health strategy among pregnant women and reduction of oral pathology in the community.


Heads of Department

Sample image E. Jones
Sample image M. Casey
Mental Health
Sample image B. Dinesh
Sample image R. Anderson
Sample image J. Alpuche
Senior PHI
Sample image L. Middleton
M. C. H
San Ignacio
Sample image C. Velasquez
Mental Health
San Ignacio
Sample image M. Ruiz
San Ignacio
Sample image C. Thomas
Vector Control
San Ignacio

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