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Western Regional Hospital

The Western Regional Hospital has 2 main Wards: General Ward and the Maternity Ward.
The General Ward Services include: Care for children and adult patients, Care for Pre/ Post General Surgical Patients, and Care for Critical Patients (Intensive Care Unit).

The Maternity Services include: Care for pregnant mother, Care of the Newborn, Postpartum Care, Care for Gynecological Patients – pre and post operation care for C-section and gyne surgeries.


Support Services:

Support Services, which include Laboratory, Radiology and Pharmacy, are also offered at the Hospitals.

The Laboratory provides diagnostic services for the hospital. The six areas of diagnostic tests include: Hematology, Chemistry, Urinalysis, Parasitology, Serology, and Immuno-Hematology.

The Radiology provides diagnostic radiographs to the referring physician of the respective patients. The following X-rays are done: All Skeletal, Chest (lateral, oblique), Abdomen (Erect, Supine, Lateral), Contrasted X-Ray – Barium Swallow, Barium Meal, Enema, and Uretrcistogram.

The Pharmacy Department offers daily dispensing of medication to Out-patients and supply the Hospital and Health Center with both pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. Compounding is also done. Pharmacy is responsible for stock management and for the requisitioning of all pharmaceuticals and supplies on the basis of need and utilization, from the Central Medical Stores.



Heads of Department

Sample image R. Gomez
Western Regional
Sample image G. O'brien
X-Ray Technican
Western Regional
Sample image J. Guerra
Lab Technician
Western Regional
Sample image Franklin
Theatre Sister
Western Regional
Sample image V. Shephard
Inf. Cont. Nurse
Western Regional
Sample image L. Avila
First Class Clerk
Western Regional
Sample image L. Abarca
Statistical Clerk
Western Regional


  • 2 Pharmacist
  • 4 General Practitioner
  • 5 Registered Nurse
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